About Altered Trails

If you landed on this site odds are, you enjoyed one of the following things in your past travels or would like to:

  • Go to or take part in a (meditation) retreat.
  • Lodge in special places with great landscape and views.
  • Enjoy a wellness offer with a focus on mind and body.
  • Surf some nice waves.
  • Do adventures.
  • Heal yourself somehow travelling.

All those things have one thing in common. You know which one?

It is the conscious or unconscious longing for experiencing altered states of consciousness.

There is only one problem.

It can be annoying and time-consuming to research and sort through different places and offers (e.g. wellness or retreat offers).

You never know if you are going to experience altered states of consciousness.

Besides, you might even don’t know which would be the right one according to your individual needs.

Or you might be someone, who doesn’t know what altered states of consciousness are in the first place and how to meet them in a systematic way.

So it can be time-consuming and frustrating not once, but twice.

First when looking for the right places and offers and second when realizing, that you didn’t get what you wanted.

Experiencing altered states of consciousness can come with life-changing experiences and benefits.

Both are often difficult to integrate into day to day life.

This is where “Altered Trails” the 1st provider of guides and information products in the new market of altered states of consciousness travel comes in handy.

We help you experience altered states of consciousness in surreal places. 

Our information products help you increase your knowledge about those states and where to find them. By doing so we save you time and effort.

Unlike products and services offered by other providers ours are result oriented, evidence based, with no religious agendas or guru problems involved and always have your safety in mind.

Can’t imagine altered states of consciousness having any benefits?

To make a long story short, I will name only a few. You can find further in-depth information on this in this or this article.

Benefits of altered states of consciousness:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased creativity
  • Healing potential of rooted issues
  • Paradigm shifts in the perception of the world
  • Changing of believe-systems
  • Increased stress resistance in everyday life and thus protection of burn out
  • Insights from your “higher self” accessing other types of realities
  • Reduced automatic mind chatter (famous monkey mind) or completely ceasing of it
  • Getting to know your real self (“higher self”)

All these benefits could make the world a better place.

Who is behind all this?

My name is Tobias and I have always seen this reality as a mystery.

For me it was and is something not completely comprehensible of the limited rational mind and human senses.

A lot of scientists have trouble accepting that this reality won’t be able to grasp completely on a rational or human perception level.

I find it entertaining and fascinating that mysteries exist, which can be understood on a “higher” level of consciousness.

This understanding cannot be transferred completely back into this limited reality.

By trying this a lot of information gets lost on its way, very often rendering any rational explanation of the insight as useless.


First experiences with altered states of consciousness

I did my first experiments with altered states of consciousness at the age of eight with my best friend.

It was nothing planned and we were competing against each other swimming.

Exhausted thereafter, I had the spontaneous idea, that we could try to foresee, what could happen soon.

We closed our eyes and could see an ambulance in our vision. After 20 minutes the ambulance with lights and siren drove by.

My next altered states of consciousness experience came from sitting under a tree, in the forest close to my neighborhood.

I had never read or heard about what meditation is. I still was like 9 or 10 years old.

My first flow experience was skiing and snowboarding in the Alps, doing martial arts and a bit later learning to surf in Costa Rica.

By the way, flow is one of many types of existing altered states of consciousness out there or rather “in there”.

At the age of 23 I also began with continuous yoga and meditation practice.

About seven years later I had the strongest altered states of consciousness experience ever during a meditation.

I was flushed by a very strong light, not existing on this material reality level. I only could stand it for a few milliseconds.

It was something I will never forget. The experienced light makes sunlight or other very bright lights appear like a weak candlelight covered by mist.

This experience motivated me to get a bit deeper into yoga. So I did a teacher training.

I also participated in several Holotropic breathing sessions.

The type of altered states of consciousness that can be experienced there are more of a healing nature.

It is the way of using your own body to produce psychedelic experiences without using any substances like LSD, Ayahuasca, etc.

After a while I became curious how easily you might book those experiences.

I wanted to find out, if there are any providers in the wellness tourism industry offering altered states of consciousness experiences.

After doing some research, I couldn’t find anyone with offers targeting the goal of altered states of consciousness.

So I created “Altered Trails” as the 1st provider of guides and other information products in the new niche of altered states of consciousness travel.